Detail Engineering



Within the framework of detail engineering, GID prepares the execution documentation for the technical plant execution of a plan taking the customer’s desired options and degree of flexibility into consideration.


The documentation for the planning files puts the customer in the position to carry out the procurement for the equipment and installation services or to allow GID to carry this out.


In this planning phase, Project Management is the lead engineering discipline. While the general and 2D project planning is developed with flow diagrams, specifications and lists to be performance ready, the 3D planning based on this creates a detailed visualisation of all works in a model.


Key steps and documents are:


Project Management and Controlling

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Regular project meetings
  • Coordination of the planning work and involvement in the procurement
    • Information flow
    • Completion of planning documentation
  • Progress reports regarding documentation and planning status
  • As-is analysis
    • With the support of engineering disciplines as required
  • Time scheduling for detail engineering within the framework of the complete scheme
  • Expediting of planning and procurement as needed


Process Engineering

  • Process flow diagrams up to final version
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams up to final version
  • Piping lists; continuation through backflow from the piping planning
  • Technical safety inspection up to final version
  • Cause and effect diagrams
  • Alarm and locking lists
  • General plant descriptions
    • Process descriptions
    • Constraints in connection with the plant
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Training plans


Mechanical (apparatus and machines)

  • Specification of apparatus and machine execution in the operations unit
    • Inquiry specification
    • Merging of package units
  • Technical evaluation of quotations
  • Checking of drawings from manufacturers and release
  • Inspections
  • Apparatus lists


Installation and Piping

  • Installation planning
    • Buildings
    • Load-bearing structures
    • Apparatus and machines
  • Piping planning for
    • Process pipes
    • Supporting materials
  • Support concepts
  • Piping statics
  • Bill of quantities for pipe work (100%)
  • Installation plans and sections
  • Load plans
  • Piping plans
  • Isometrics with item list
  • Isometric plant view
  • Virtual films


Construction and Steel Construction

  • Construction plans (1:50)
  • Static calculations
  • Foundation plans
  • Layout of form and reinforcement drawings
  • Pile drawings
  • Construction descriptions
  • Steel construction overview plans
  • Secondary steel construction for example, support drawings, stairs, site, ladders etc.
  • Service directory and materials (100%)
    • Cement construction
    • Steel construction
    • Infrastructure (streets, paths, drainage etc)
  • Technical evaluation of quotations


Electrical, Measurement and Control Technology

  • Consumption list
  • Single line diagram
  • • Inquiry specification
    • Transformers
    • Motors and operating mechanisms
  • Switch gear specifications
    • Low and medium voltage plants
    • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Lighting planning
  • Earthing and conductor planning
  • Cable lists
  • Cable routing plans
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Control technology
    • Process control technology
    • Safety control technology
  • Instrument specification
    • Throughput
    • Level
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • Measurement point lists


  • Loop diagrams
  • Instrumentation plans
  • Hook-ups
  • Control valve design
  • Flow diagrams presentation for measurement and regulation functions
  • Technical Bid Evaluation