FEED Engineering

Front End Engineering Design is an extension of basic engineering with procurement activities. Services which are usually part of the detail engineering phase are brought forward.


In FEED engineering, GID works with the customer to identify technical, commercial or time schedule reasons to extend the basic engineering phase, for example:


  • Higher versions of P&I diagrams
    • In order to better identify the efforts needed for electrical, measurement and control technology
    • For consideration of safety technology
  • Inquiry specifications for end negotiations in procurement
  • To bring forward complete works such as construction/steel construction from detail engineering
    • In order to open the construction site earlier
  • Documentation for authority applications and optimisation of authorisation time
  • Improved materials issues in works for optimised cost estimations
  • Procurement of equipment on account of:
    • Current available production capacity at the manufacturer
    • Low market price due to capacity utilisation or raw material price
    • Long delivery lead time
    • Currency fluctuations