In the study, GID prepares a planning basis which the customer applies to the situation in order to make technical, time schedule and commercial execution and feasibility decisions.


Thereby, GID continues the customer’s project vision, collects the available information, and develops technical, relevant fundamentals for variations as well as technical, commercial and time schedule constraints.


On request for a study, GID offers an individual, agreed service concept for the requested, technical scheme in which the customer can combine the envisioned costs with the required scope of engineering.


At this early project phase, the inclusion of all parties involved in future technical and commercial decisions is a top priority for the customer. It involves the presentation of the project boundaries, the creation of a common understanding, the opportunities and restrictions in the future project phases.


The early implementation of 3D planning for a presentation of the complete plan with perspective or virtual film for example if possible or when necessary, can enable and aid the effective communication between those parties involved in the investment decisions at the customer and also with the authorities


Key steps and documents are:


Project Management and Controlling:

  • Coordination meeting for the restriction of the planning phases and scope of work
  • Adoption of the available customer information with possible investigation
  • Location evaluation and as-is analysis
    • With support from the engineering disciplines as required
  • Time schedule concepts for the study within the framework of the complete plan


Process Engineering

  • Process simulation
  • Fundamental flow diagram to present the operational unit in process
  • Balance of the main material flow
  • Heat and mass balance in the first version
  • Process diagrams in the first version
  • General plant description
    • Process description with presentation of variations
    • Plant constraints for different variants
  • Identification of applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and technical rules, and standards
  • Initial application documents for authority contact
  • Technical recommendations for variant selection


Mechanical (apparatus and machines)

  • Presentation and evaluation of apparatus and machine execution in the operations unit
    • Approximate specifications
    • Constraints for the process
    • Constraints for supply
    • Apparatus list for the first version
  • Proposals for package units
    • Planning simplification
    • Construction simplification


Installation and Piping

  • Installation concept for building, load-bearing structures, apparatus and machines
  • Routing concept for materials, supporting materials and energies


Construction and steel construction

  • Comments on the site and results of investigation as required
  • Description for the foundation and load-bearing concepts to the process variants
  • General description of the complete construction plan


Electrical, Measurement and Control Technology

  • Electrical supply concept
    • Investigation of available grid
    • Evaluation of the security of supply
    • Service requirements in the first instance
    • Transformer and distribution concepts
  • Measurement and Control Technology / Process Control
    • Process control concepts with possible integration
    • Constraints of the technical measurement principles




Budget cost estimation

Within the scope of the study, GID creates budget cost estimates which reflect the information scope of the project at this early stage.


  • Price options determination for technical variations
  • Price determination through manufacturer inquiries
  • Price determination based on reference projects
  • Price determination through estimates
  • Commercial recommendations through choice of variants


The generally available information for the technical scope at that point in time allows a confidence interval of between 30% and 50%. From case to case, based on particularly good or particularly volatile input information, the fluctuation of individual prices can be better or worse.


GID can also produce these cost estimations according to the UNIDO guidelines.